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Purdue University: B.S. in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences; Appalachian State University: M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology

Amy Listermann, APSW

Nutrition Educator

From my first part-time jobs to my professional degrees, food has always played a part in my career. Working in restaurant kitchens offered a foundation of technical kitchen skills and safety standards, while also exposing me to the art and challenge in offering delicious food. Through those years serving my communities, I saw the many social and emotional roles meals play in our lives.

When I entered healthcare as a speech-language pathologist about ten years ago, the therapeutic potential, in body and spirit, became central to my relationship with food. I studied food chemistry and worked closely with nurses, registered dietitians and kitchen managers to develop nutritious and satisfying menus, from an entire hospital to individuals and their families. It has been fascinating to collaborate across generations and cultures to develop a greater understanding of how food nourishes far beyond the physical.

As each of us are an expert on ourselves, the nutritional guidance I offer integrates each individuals' mind-body awareness with evidence-based science for optimized nutrition. Accessed via mindfulness techniques and informed by individual goals and lifestyle, our work together can offer greater interest and agency in designing your way of eating to support your way of recognizing well-being.

Amy has lived in Kenosha for a few years, and is still finding new things to love about the area regularly (looking at you, Ho-ho cake). Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, she grew up hiking in nature and playing nearly every sport on offer. She enjoyed helping her grand- and great-grandfather care for and harvest their gardens.

These days, Amy still enjoys unique exercise (yoga, rock climbing, aerial arts), as well as exploring the city on her bike. She's always tinkering with different art forms: flower arrangement, writing, jewelry, painting. She is always ready to learn a new dance move, joke, or recipe.

We don’t have to do it alone. We were never meant to.

— Brené Brown