Eileen Gertmann


Carthage College- BSW
Aurora University- APSW

Eileen Gertmann, APSW

Therapist, Individual Skills Worker, Parent Mentor, Reiki 2

I started my career with KHDS, working with children and teens in the group home settings. I enjoyed getting to know the youth that I worked with as well as finding out how I can manage my own emotions when others struggle with their own. That experience had provided a well rounded perspective of navigating experiences and interactions with other people. I further challenged myself working in the hospital setting for over 12 years, in both the critical care and emergency care units. I came to find a better understanding of resiliency, grief, fear, love, and heartbreak as I collaborated with many different patients and their families. I am currently passionate about working with Guided Wellness, as an in-home counselor and parent mentor. I enjoy working with younger children, as well as their parents, as they discover the world around them. I appreciate being able to walk with my clients and their families on their journey, as they navigate their worlds. Finally, I practice Reiki at the clinic, to help those on their emotional and spiritual journey. I have practiced Reiki for over 4 years.

We don’t have to do it alone. We were never meant to.

— Brené Brown