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Herzing University, Bachelor of Nursing

Nicole Michels, RN, BSN

Registered Nurse

I started my medical career in Medical Assisting. I learned that I loved the medical field and helping people to achieve their best quality of life. I decided I wanted more and returned to school to earn my bachelor's degree in nursing. I have worked in correctional care, Family Practice, Home Health and Behavioral Health. Going back for my Nursing degree was the best decision I have ever made. I often think of continuing with my Nursing career and going back to school for my Master's degree and become a NP.

I love my job and helping people to live their best life but in my down time you can find me hanging out with my friends and family. My husband, 2 sons and I love to Trap shoot and hunt. To wind down I love to read, listen to music or take my Doberman Eddie for a walk. I am a Sagittarius and a bit of a perfectionist. Striving to do my best at whatever I am doing is something I pride myself in. This transfers over to caring for clients and patients. One of my favorite sayings is "Treat people how you would like to be treated."

We don’t have to do it alone. We were never meant to.

— Brené Brown